Overview of the LECC

Tax Exemption and Tax Abatements

Local banks, insurance companies, and/or pension funds purchase the bonds issued by the Hamburg Land Development Company. The rates, terms, and conditions are all set by the purchaser and are backed by the full faith and credit of the borrower, not the Hamburg Land Development Corporation.

The Hamburg Land Development Corporation provides real property tax abatements for 10 to 15 years on increased valuation in addition to state and local sales tax exemptions on equipment and materials for qualified projects.

Site Overview
Price $35,000 per acre
Zoned M-3 heavy industrial
Acres 84 - Map
Previous Land Use Greenfield
Topography Site generally has 1% slope
Noise ordinance No specific requirements at this site
Permits Permitting 45-60 days, parallel permitting, final site plan review, possible to start building while going through the permit process
Site plan approval time 45-60 days (can be expected)
Construction permit time 14-30 days
Possibility of starting foundation work after site plan approval Yes, foundation work can begin once acceptable foundation plans are submitted and approved
Geo-Tech, Floodplain
Soil Type Site primarily includes remsen silty clay loam soil units and canadice silt loam, shaly till substraum
Geo - Tech Report Not complete
500 and 100 year floodplain None
Environmental A generic environmental impact statement has been completed and a positive findings was made
Phase 1 Environmental Site Audit A Phase I Environmental Site Audit/Assessment has been completed and is available from the Town. This assessment has revealed no evidence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the assessed properties. The assessment concluded that further inquiry into the environmental status of the properties is not necessary.
Site Accessibility
Direct access Bayview Road and Route 5, Access Road through northern parcel 
Access Map / 90 Mile Radius Map
Nearest Expressway  Interstate 90 - approximately 2.5 miles
Nearest Commercial Airport  Buffalo-Niagara International Airport - approximately 15 miles
Nearest General Aviation Airport Hamburg Airport - approximately 4 miles
Rail Carrier CSX Transportation / Norfolk Southern
Distance to nearest Rail siding Immediately adjacent on the eastern side of the site
Utilities - Electricity
Electricity Provider National Grid - Power Line map
Electricity cost Demand and delivery charges by National Grid and Commodity at market price or from New York Power Authority
Transmission and Distribution Structure 2 - 115KV lines border site on the east
Proximity of Transmission Within .5 miles of the site
Outages 99.99% x reliability
Tie Station names Gardenville and Dunkirk
Distance to the Tie Station 5+ miles
Incentives Projects would be eligible for up to $500K Capital Investment Inventive Grant. For a large customer, National Grid would probably look into building an interconnect station to improve reliability capacity.
Temporary Power Available
Natural Gas Infrastructure
Provider National Fuel
Size of lines and capacity 4"," and some 8" main adjacent to site. Main line pressure range 40 psig to 55 psig. 20" main line on eastern border of property.
Water Infrastructure
Water Provider Erie County Water Authority - Water Lines map
Distance to the Site  Adjacent to the site
Size and capacity of the lines serving the site 16" and 24" on Route 5
16" on Bayview
Capacity of the Water System (2) 16" lines. Static pressure of 99 pounds. Most recent flow test showed a flow of 2510 gallons a minute. The flow at 20 psi was found to have a flow of 2510 gallons a minute. The flow at 20 psi was found to be 7278 gallons a minute.
Waste Water/Sewage
Waste Water Provider Erie County Sewer Authority
Proximity of sewer line to property Two lines adjacent to the site. One runs along Route 5, the other runs along Bayview Road.