Applying for Hamburg IDA Assistance 

The Process:

It is recommended that a preliminary meeting be arranged between the Hamburg IDA staff and your decision-makers involved with the project.  We like to learn about your company's history and growth potential (or proposed development project).  This initial meeting explains IDA procedures, fees, timelines for public hearing notices and Board meetings, required paperwork, and other important issues involved with development projects.  At the very least, a telephone conversation can resolve most application questions.

Prepare and submit an application package to the Hamburg IDA.  The application package must contain the following:

  • Complete the application
    • Note - Section V on Page 14 can be left blank.  HIDA Staff will complete this page after receiving your application
  • Please provide a completed copy of the Short Environmental Assessment Form
  • A $500 non-refundable application fee.  Make check payable to the Town of Hamburg Industrial Development Agency
  • a $500 counsel deposit made payable to Neill and Strong PLLC (this deposit will be credited towards attorney fees for any legal work completed)

In order to proceed with your application, your company must agree to and sign the HIDA Local Labor Policy and Recapture/Termination/Modification of Benefits Policy

The Staff will run a cost/benefit analysis and review the application and a Board of Directors meeting will be scheduled to vote on the application

If the public benefit exceeds $100,000, a public hearing must be held to solicit public comment on project benefits